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Big Bite 6" Shaking Squirrel - Oxblood Red MF (10pcs)

The Shaking Squirrel is a finesse worm designed for use on dropshot rigs, carolina rigs, shakey head or split shot rigs. Featuring a slender body and tapering, flattened tail, these lures are made from a softer plastic formula, which allows them to respond instantly to twitches and shakes of the line. They have a superb action in the water, very lifelike (see below). For extra attraction they are fortified with Big Bite Bait's own 'Bite Juice' additive. Made in the USA, 10pcs per pack.

Underwater footage of the Shaking Squirrel can be found on the video clip here

 6" (15cm)


 Oxblood Red MF (see photo)

£2.99 per pack

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