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Knot2Kinky Nickel-Titanium Wire 6lb (2.7Kg)

Knot2Kinky is professional grade, knottable Nickel-Titanium trace wire that is incredibly kink resistant and also corrosion proof (non-ferrous alloy). This single strand wire has an elastic quality, which enables it to stretch under strain and recover, like monofilament line. Another feature is it's low visibility in the water, thanks to a thin diameter and dull oxide finish. Supplied in 15ft (4.6mtr) coils, made in USA.

Strength & Reliability - The diameter and breaking strength of Knot2Kinky wire has recently been tested by two independent bodies in the USA to ensure the stated measurements are accurate.

Knots - Each packet includes diagrams of the knots suitable for use with this wire. We've found a three turn half blood knot (clinch knot) to be ideal for attaching snaps, swivels etc. To tighten the knot, slowly pull the tag end through until secure. Due to the nature of Titanium alloy wire, the knot won't tighten down fully like mono or braid and will still appear quite 'open', even though completely secure (see photo above).

Crimping - 6lb Knot2Kinky is a thin wire that's much better suited to knotting than crimping. If you do want to crimp this wire, use the smallest diameter crimps you can find. We strongly recommend passing the wire back through the crimp a third time AND adding a dab of super glue to prevent any risk of slipping. 

Breaking Strain: 6lb (2.7Kg)

Diameter: 0.203mm (0.008in)

Quantity: 15ft (4.6mtrs)

Price: £9.99

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