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No Knot Small (4.5mm) Fas-Snap - Nickel (5pcs)

These tiny snaps are manufactured in the USA by Wright & McGill (Eagle Claw). Made from premium quality spring steel, they are very strong for their size. The small size Fas-Snaps will straighten under 9.3lb (4.2kg) of pressure. They are commonly used to attach small artificial flies but will also work with very small jigheads, such as our Finesse Jigheads in size 6 and smaller. Due to their extremely small size, you might find it easier to attach these snaps with a pair of needle nose pliers or forceps. Nickel finish, 5pcs per pack.

Size: Small

Length: 4.5mm (approx)

Strength: 9.3lb (4.2Kg)

Colour: Nickel

Price: £0.99 per pack

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