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Netbait 4" Salt Lick - Bama Bug (10pcs)

The Netbait Salt Lick is a premium stick type worm that's loaded with salt, scent (aniseed) and pork fat to ensure predators take them confidently and hang on whilst you set the hook. These versatile lures are excellent for tempting bass, wrasse and pollack around our coast, plus perch and pike in freshwater.

Rigged on a jighead, they will catch fish with a jerky retrieve but senko type worms can be more effective when fished weightless or used on Carolina/Texas style rigs. In shallower water, rig them weedless on a wide gape worm hook, cast out and let the lure drop to the bottom. These worms sink horizontally and give off subtle, lifelike movements when twitched. Another option is to rig them wacky style (single hook or jighead placed through the middle of the worm) and fished sink & draw, with plenty of pauses on the retrieve. This is a great method for dropping into holes and gaps in weedbeds where other lures can't be used. Made in the USA, 10pcs per pack.

Length: 4" (10cm)

Weight: 8g

Colour: Bama Bug (see photo)

Price: £2.99 per pack

More information on rigging this type of soft plastic can be found here: Senko rigging & techniques

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