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Bass Assassin 2" Curly Shad - Chartreuse Pepper Shad (10pcs)

These tiny shads from Bass Assassin have a plump body and supple curly tail. Best fished on a small jig head (size 4 or 6 is ideal), they will tempt a variety of species and are excellent fun to use on ultralight gear. An unusual feature of these lures is that the curly tail is aligned sideways to the body, which gives them a slightly different action  (the unique tail is designed to give them a more circular fall on the drop). At just 2" (5cm) long, the Curly Shad will be taken by even the smallest perch and chub. Made in the USA, 10pcs per pack.

Size (with tail extended):
2" (5cm)

Chartreuse Pepper Shad (see photo)

£3.50 per pack

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