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Zoom 4" Fluke - Watermelon Seed (10pcs)

The Zoom Fluke is a classic baitfish imitation that has been fooling predatory fish for many years. It's tapering, realistic profile and forked tail give it a lifelike appearance in the water. This type of lure can be rigged in a variety of different ways - weedless/weightless, on a weighted wide gape hook, on a jig head, nose hooked on a dropshot rig or wacky rigged. The supple soft plastic is impregnated with salt for added attraction. The Fluke will take perch, pike and zander in freshwater and anything that eats fish in saltwater! 10pcs per pack.

4" (10cm)


Watermelon Seed (see photo)

£3.75 per pack

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