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AGM Saltwater Slider Jig Head 7g - Size 3/0 (5pcs)
£2.60 £1.50

These jig heads are made with super sharp Eagle Claw 635 saltwater hooks and have a small, ridged collar to hold your soft plastic lure in place (add a dab of super glue to the shank before rigging if you are fishing in particularly weedy or snaggy areas). The hooks are heavy wire, tin plated with O'Shaughnessy bend. The round underside and flat top to these jigheads makes them extremely verstaile. They are ideal for swimming lures in midwater and will scoop up a nice cloud of silt or sand for predators to investigate when skipped along the bottom. 5pcs per pack.

Weight: 7g (1/4oz)

Hook size: 3/0

Length (measured from eye to bend): 47mm

Width of gape: 16mm

Price: £2.60 per pack

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