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Fantasia Twitchko 44 - FY
Fantasia is a Serbian company who produce handcrafted lures of stunning quality and colour. This model is the Twithcko, a small crankbait that is extremely lifelike. As with all Fantasia lures, it features realistic 3D eyes, finely detailed body markings and a superb hand painted finish. Length is 44mm (1.7 inches), weight is 3.6 grams and the Twitchko is fitted with 2 x size 10 treble hooks. This is a fantastic perch lure, it works extremely well on a straight retrieve but can also be fished with jerks and twitches (as shown on the video link below). The silvery sides of this lure really catch the light and produce lots of flash, making it easy for predators to locate.

You can see the Twitchko in action here

Length: 1.7" (44mm)

Weight: 4.2g

Depth: 1-3ft (0.3-1m)

Colour: FY (see photo)

Price: £5.99 
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