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LFT 4" Live Swimn Slug - Magic Shad (10pcs)
£4.99 £2.99

Lake Fork's Live Swim'n Slug could be described as big brother to their popular Live Baby Shad. Featuring a similar fish shaped, deeply segmented body, which tapers to a super sensitive tail. The Live Swim'n Slug can be used on a jighead, dropshot rig or fished as a weedless jerkbait. The super soft plastic construction and supple body ensures that these lures come alive with the smallest twitch of the rod tip. Another feature is grooves in both the belly and back, to aid weedless rigging. Each lure is impregnated with salt and strong garlic scent for added fish attraction. Made in the USA, 10pcs per pack.

Length: 4" (10cm)

Weight: 7g

Colour: Magic Shad (see photo)

Price: £4.99 per pack

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