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River2Sea 3" Standn Yabbie 80 - Black Red Flake (4pcs)

River2Sea's amazingly realistic Stand'n Yabbie is a pre-rigged crayfish imitation. This version measures approximately 3 inches and is fitted with 3X Strong VMC Black Nickel hook in size 1/0. With air pockets in each claw and the weight at the tail end, these crayfish will always stand up when static. This mimics the natural defensive posture of a live crayfish. Best fished on or near the bottom, retrieve slowly with plenty of twitches and pauses. These superb crayfish will tempt perch, pike and chub, plus a variety of saltwater species. 4pcs per pack.

To see the River2Sea Stand'n Yabbie in action, click here

Size: 3" (7.5cm)

 14g (1/2oz)

 Black Red Flake (see photo)

Ref: WO-SY80

£4.99 per pack