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Kalins 3" Scrub - Green Pumpkin (5pcs)

The Kalin's Scrub is a twintail with a difference, instead of the usual curltail, it's long, slender legs have a round paddle on each end. These provide a tremendous kicking action as the lure is retrieved. Whether fished close to the bottom or worked across the surface like a frog, this lure produces plenty of movement and vibration. The fat, ribbed body will take a size 1/0 jig head but is also soft enough to be rigged weedless (Gamakatsu EWG in size 1 is a good fit). The Scrub also works well as a trailer on skirted jigs and spinnerbaits. A great lure for perch, zander and pike, Made in the USA, 5pcs per pack.

Size: 3" (7.6cm)


 Green Pumpkin (see photo)

£3.75 per pack

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