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Dekoj 2.5" Baby Bream - Orange/Pearl (5pcs)

These are premium quality, hand poured lures, custom made for us by Dekoj of Slovakia. The Baby Bream is a super realistic baitfish imitation with a supple, flexible body, striking 3D eyes and scale/gill details. Whether used on a drop shot rig or jig head, this lifelike lure is like a magnet to predators. If matched with a flex head and lightweight hook, the Baby Bream will stand up off the bottom, thanks to the buoyant nature of the soft plastic used (see photo above). Scented with Dekoj's own sweet smelling formula for added attraction. Made in Slovakia, 5pcs per pack.

2.5" (6.4cm)

Weight: 2g

 Orange/Pearl (see photo)

£2.75 per pack

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