Atlas-Mikes Extra Strength Lunker Lotion - Anchovy
£6.99 £4.99

Similar to their ever popular Gel Scents, Atlas-Mike's Extra Strength Lunker Lotion is the result of more than 25 years testing and research. This sticky formula with concentrated scents and flavours gives added attraction to all types of lure. Simply squirt some on to your chosen lure before use (lures with ribs, slots or hollow sections will hold the scent for a long time). Particularly effective with slow or static presentations, such as drop shotting, bottom crawling or vertical jigging, where fish can 'home in' on the scent trail. Effective in both fresh and salt water, supplied in an easy-to use 4oz (120ml) flip top, plastic bottle.

Scent/Flavour: Anchovy

Price: £6.99 per bottle 

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