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Take a look below for all the latest information about new products, stock updates and other developments. This section will be updated regularly to keep you better informed.

LAS/Perchfishers – For members of the Perchfishers and Lure Anglers Society, we now have a private section on our website with reduced price offers, clearance items and exclusive products (here). The contents of this section will be updated throughout the year. Passwords to gain entry are now available through your society.

23/1/21 – All sizes of Profi-Blinker Insanity Hook are now back in stock.

22/1/21Big Hammer 2″ Swimbaits are back in stock.

21/1/21 – We’ve added more of the following products: Sufix 832 Braid, Big Bite 1″ Trout Worm, VMC Single Hooks & VMC Big Eye Jig Heads.

16/1/21 – Some more stock of AGM Finesse Jig Heads and AGM Finesse Sickle Jig Heads in smaller sizes has arrived.

7/1/21 – More stock of Atlas-Mike’s Gel Scent has arrived.

17/12/20 – More stock of Hester crankbaits added.

12/12/20 – More Crazy Fish Seeker & Soar UL Spoons have been added.

11/12/20 – New product added: H&H Original Spinner Lure.

7/12/20 – All sizes of Gurza DuoLock Snap & Egg Snap are now back in stock.

5/12/20 – All sizes of Gurza Chinu Hook and Gurza 101 Elite Worm Hook are back in stock.

3/12/20 – All strengths of Seaguar Fluorocarbon are now back in stock.

November 2020 – AGM Jiggle Heads are now all back in stock. We’ve also received more Gurza K-2302 EWG and B-51 Elite Worm hooks. All available colours of Crazy Fish Allure and Crazy Fish Cruel Leech are now back in stock. We’ve also added more Big Bite 3″ Trout Worms. Further Crazy Fish stock has arrived, including Vibro Fat, 1.6″ Nano Minnow & Tough. More Crazy Fish Lures added to the website: Glider & Floating Glider, 1.8″ & 3″ Crayfish, Angry Spin, Active Slug, Vibro Worm & Floating Vibro Worm, 5.9″ Tough and Kasari. We’ve added more stock of the following Crazy Fish lures: Nimble & Floating Nimble, Polaris & Floating Polaris, Classic & Classic Floating Worm . Crazy Fish Flex Heads & Tungsten Flex Heads are back in stock. More Crazy Fish Hooks and Tungsten Jig Heads added. We’ve received more stock of the following products: Crazy Fish 2.2″ Nano Minnow, Crazy Fish 1.6″ Nimble and Big Bite 4″ Shads.

October 2020 –  Big Hammer Perch Grubs are now back in stock, along with Gamakatsu Octopus Hooks. We’ve also added more of the Booyah Micro Pond Magic Spinnerbait, VMC 7317 Saltwater Worm Hooks, VMC 7266 Saltwater Inline Hooks and AGM Weighted Wide Gape Hooks. Sufix 832 Braid, VMC 7310 Worm Hooks and AGM Stainless Steel Hitch-Hikers are all back in stock. Big Bite 4.5″ Fat Grub – all available colours are now back in stock. Booyah Pond Magic Spinnerbaits added. The following AGM products are all now back on our website: 4″ Finesse Curltail Worm, 1.75″ Skirt Grub, 5″ & 7″ Stick Worm, 3″ Curly Grub, Paddler (all sizes), Twintail Grubs & Forceps. Big Bite Panfish Minnow & 2.75″ Shad, all colours back in stock. We’ve also added Baker Retractors & Stainless Steel Hookouts. Zoom 4″ Fluke are back in stock and we also now have some Booyah 5g Weedless Jigs available. Big Bite Crappie Minn’r & Swimming Crappie Minn’r back in stock.

September 2020 – All colours of Big Bite Ballzy Worms are now back in stock, along with Big Bite 3.75″ Jointed Jerk Minnow , 3″ Yo Mama, 4″ Craw Tube, 3.3″ Swimming Jerk Minnow, 4″ & 6″ Jerk Minnow, AGM Mini Tube and AGM 6″ Stick Worm. AGM 3″ Stick Worms back in stock, along with Baker Hookouts & Tools. AGM 4″ Stick Worms back in stock. We’ve added more stock of Seaguar Fluorocarbon and PowerPro braid. Gurza Nitinol Wire Traces – all sizes available again. Bass Assassin 2″ Curly Shad – All colours now back in stock, along with Creme Scoundrel Worms. Wave Bamboo Sticks and Owner Mosquito Hooks are available again, we’ve also replenished our stock of Gurza hooksJohnson Thinfisher Blades are now back in stock, along with Booyah Weedless 9g Baby Boo Jigs and all sizes of AGM & Gurza Split Rings. Also, some stock of AGM Jig Heads have FINALLY arrived, sorry for the long delay on these! AGM Jiggle Heads now available in red finish. All strengths of Knot2Kinky Wire are back in stock, along with AGM Crimps, Gamakatsu EWG & G-Lock Worm Hooks. More stock of Orka Marmaid & Shad-Tail has arrived. New product added: Nikko-Kasei 4.6″ Fluke. Also, new colours added in Crazy Fish Allure, Floating Nimble & Nano Minnow. Crazy Fish Vibro Worm – more stock arrived. More colours added in Crazy Fish 1.6″ Nimble, Crazy Fish Polaris, Crazy Fish 2″ Cruel Leech, Nano Minnow & Allure.

August 2020 – More Crazy Fish 2.5″ Nimble have arrived. Profi-Blinker Insanity Hook, Diamond Eye Swivel & Fastlock Swivel – all sizes are back in stock. Relax 4″ & 5″ Kopyto Shad – all available colours are now back in stock. More Crazy Fish 2.2 Nano Minnow have arrived. All colours of Relax 2.5″ & 3″ Kopyto Shad available again. Further stock replenished today, including Crazy Fish Allure, Floating Polaris, Vibro Worm/Vibro Fat, Glider & Relax 2″ Kopyto Shad. We’ve added more Crazy Fish stock, including 1.8″ Polaris, Crane Swivels & Cruel Leech. More new stock added to the site today, including Crazy Fish 1.2″ & 2″ Tipsy, Crazy Fish 2.8″ Worms, 1″ Kasari & Whitebait, along with Relax 1″ Kopyto Shads. Further Crazy Fish stock has now arrived. We’ve added Nimble, 1.2″ Polaris, Hooks (all styles), Flex Heads, Tungsten Jig heads (all sizes), Quick Lock Snaps, 1.1″ & 1.6″ Nano Minnow and Angry Spin to our site today. Crazy Fish 2.8″ Tough back in stock along with Flex Heads & 4″ Nimble. We have lots more new stock due to arrive from Crazy Fish over the next few days, including Allure, Vibro Worm, Nano Minnow, Nimble, Classic Worm, Polaris, Tipsy, Angry Spin, Hooks, Tungsten Jig Heads and more. Also, more Relax Kopyto shads will be arriving in the next few days. All strengths of Seaguar Fluorocarbon are now back in stock. New product added: AGM Lead Free Drop Shot Weight.

July 2020 – Sufix 832 Braid is now back in stock. We’ve also added the following hooks from VMC: 7317TI 3x Saltwater Worm, 7310 Super Light Worm, 7552BN Treble & 9626PS Saltwater Treble, along with VMC Barrel Swivels. VMC 7239O Barbless Spinner Hooks & VMC 7237 Inline (treble replacement) Hooks are both now back in stock. New product added: Gurza K-1105 Chinu Hook. More Hester crankbaits have arrived, including Mad Minnow, Jointed Trout Minnow, Bug, Small Fry and Mini Small Fry. Gurza Hooks, UL Traces, Split Rings & Egg/DuoLock Snaps are all now back in stock.

June 2020 – Some stock of the smaller sizes in AGM Finesse Jig Heads has arrived, along with a very limited quantity of AGM Muscle and Finesse Sickle Jig Heads. We do have bulk quantities of all AGM jig heads on order but unfortunately there have been long production delays due to the coronavirus situation. In addition to the stock received today, we are expecting a major shipment to arrive in approximately 6 weeks, which should fully replenish all weights/sizes. We’ve received a further shipment of stock from Crazy Fish, which includes Cruel Leech, Tungsten Jig Heads, Angry Spin, Tipsy and Magic Stick.

May 2020 – Lots of new stock has arrived from Crazy Fish and Hester Fishing, this will gradually be added to our website over the next few days.

April 2020 – New products added: Big Hammer 4″ Salt Shaker Worm & Joes’s Flies Short Striker Spinner.

March 2020 – New products added: AGM Corkscrew Head, Big Bite Tour Toad & Northland Mimic Minnow. We’ve also received new stock of Crazy Fish Soar & Seeker ultralight spoons.

February 2020 – More stock of the excellent Lunker City 2.5″ Fin-S Fish has arrived. We’ve added some AGM jig heads back into stock, including: Finesse, Finesse Sickle, Premium Ball & Ned Heads (size 1). New product added: Crazy Fish 3.2″ Floating Nimble. New product added: Gurza K-2302 EWG Hook. New product added: Crazy Fish 2.8″ MF Baby Worm. New product added: Crazy Fish 2″ Floating Nimble. All sizes of Crazy Fish Quick Lock Snap are now back in stock. We’ve replenished our stock of Seaguar/Riverge fluorocarbon, including two new lighter breaking strains in Reel Soft, 2lb & 2.5lb. More Crazy Fish stock added in the following: Vibro Fat, Vibro Worm, Floating Vibro Worm, Micro Jig Joint Hook, WR Offset Joint Hook, 1.2″ & 2″ Glider, Flex Head, Tipsy & 2″ Cruel Leech. More stock of the following Crazy Fish products added to our site: Allure, Nimble & Angry Spin. We’ve added new stock of Crazy Fish 2″ & 3.5″ Floating Glider and Crazy Fish Nano Minnow (all sizes). We’ve added new stock of Crazy Fish Polaris & Floating Polaris.