Kalins 4" Sizmic Toad - Green Pumpkin/Pearl (5pcs)

Kalins 4" Sizmic Toad - Green Pumpkin/Pearl (5pcs)

Kalins 4\" Sizmic Toad - Green Pumpkin/Pearl (5pcs)
Brand Kalin's
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The Sizmic Toad was developed in the USA for largemouth bass but over here it makes a great pike lure (and will also tempt big chub). They can be fished weightless, mounted on a wide gape worm hook (size 4/0- 5/0), with the hook point flush with the toad's back. Rigged this way, they are virtually weedless and can be thrown into reedbeds and skimmed over lilies without fear of snagging. If you want to fish deeper, the Sizmic Toad is just as effective when fished on a weighted hook or jig head. Features include a natural looking frog/toad profile and supple paddle feet to create a vibrating swimming action on the retrieve. The new packaging from Kalins' ensures that each toad is kept in perfect condition. 5pcs per pack.

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4" (10cm)


 Green Pumpkin/Pearl (see photo)

£3.85 per pack