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AGM Weighted Wide Gape Hook 2g - Size 6/0 (5pcs)
AGM Products
Premium quality super strong, extra wide gape hooks from Mustad, with a weighted shank for weedless rigging of worms, grubs, jerkbaits etc. As well as aiding casting distance and enabling deeper water to be fished effectively, the weighted shank acts as a keel to prevent the lure...[more]
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Crazy Fish Big Game Offset Hook - Size 6/0 (4pcs)
Crazy Fish
The Big Game Offset Hook from Crazy Fish is a premium quality, extra strong, wide gape hook for weedless rigging of larger soft plastic lures. Made from high carbon steel and featuring a chemically sharpened point, these are tough, reliable hooks that offer superb value for...[more]
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Rapture Weighted Spring Lock Hook 8g - Size 6/0 (3pcs)
The Spring Lock weighted hook from Rapture is designed for weedless rigging of swimbaits, shads and other soft plastic lures. Featuring a spring lock fitting with centring pin and super sharp needle point hook, these heavy wire, high carbon steel hooks are easy to set and strong...[more]
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VMC 7346SB Heavy Duty Swimbait Hook - Size 6/0 (4pcs)
The VMC 7346SB Heavy Duty Swimbait hook has an extra wide gap and is made with forged, high carbon steel wire for extra strength. Each hook is fitted with a tapered sping clip for secure attachment of your chosen soft plastic lure. An excellent hook for weedless rigging of...[more]
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VMC 7348WG Heavy Duty Wide Gap Hook - size 6/0 (4pcs)
The 7348WG from VMC is a heavy duty, wide gap hook, suitable for weedless rigging big soft plastic lures in pursuit of large predators. Made from 3x strong, hi-carbon steel for superior strength and featuring a 3° offset hook point for maximum penetration. The eye on this...[more]
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VMC Heavy Duty Swimbait Hook 7g - Size 6/0 (4pcs)
  VMC's heavy duty, weighted swimbait hook features a moveable weight, simply twist and slide along the shank to position the weight where you want it. This allows you to change the action of your lure as it falls through the water. The extra wide gape hook is extra strong...[more]
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