Culprit Zeal 4" Straight Worm - White (10pcs)

Culprit Zeal 4" Straight Worm - White (10pcs)

Culprit Zeal 4\" Straight Worm - White (10pcs)
Brand Culprit
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Product Description

Originally designed for the drop shot rig, these worms will excel in any situation. The wider, slightly thicker head allows for nose hooking or rigging on a jig head, whilst the tapered tail is flattened to produce maximum movement with minimal effort. They can also be used on Texas, Carolina or split shot rigs. Great value and extremely versatile, 10pcs per pack, made in the USA. 

**This colour is made from floating plastic, which helps the lure to stand off the bottom when fished on a weighted rig. 

Length: 4" (10cm)

Weight: 3.3g

 White (see photo)

£2.99 per pack